DPW are concentrated pastes based on pigments suitable for the preparation of water-based stains and water-based patinas for wood painting. DPW are pigment dispersions soluble in water and suitable water-based binding agents. They contain binders with a wide range of compatibility suitable for inclusion in water-based mixtures. They can be mixed in all proportions; it is possible to obtain high concentration stains with high colouring and leveling power. They can be mixed with water-based or bi-soluble dyes to obtain a wide range of shades and colour effects. DPW products, despite being produced for interior furnishing, they have a high light fastness.


CLW are concentrated metal-complex dyes solutions and they are particularly suitable for the preparation of water-based stains. They are characterized by excellent resistance to light and brilliance; allow obtaining colours with high transparency and with very intense tones. CLW are especially suitable for dip staining, even for “lathe-turned” items where absorption can otherwise be particularly uneven. The CLW are prepared for use in water-based staining systems, and they can be used with success in mixed water/solvent-based systems, on condition that the preparation obtained contains at least 30% water. The CLW are compatible with a wide range of binders for the water-based system normally used in the formulation of wood stain


They are water-dyed for spray and rag applications. The TMW series is suitable for all types of wood, even for the softest and most problematic essences; the salient features of TMW products are the excellent uniformity, color brilliance and good wetting of the support. TMW products are sprayable, plus rag cleaning, manual or in line with automatic machines on unpolished or sanded wood.


They are compounds that added to or mixed with water dyes determine their application and final effect on the wood.