This product line includes three different series of concentrated liquid dyes for leather finishing with high degree of concentration, transparency and brilliance in order to meet the different users’ needs. These type of products can be applied by spray, curtain coater or rotary press machines in order to dye full grain leathers, nubuck and for leather finishing with acrylic, polyurethanic,  nitrocellulosic resins and casein binders. Each series has certain peculiarities that make it particularly suitable for certain applications.


ADL dyes are primarily applied by spray, dusting or with rotary press machines together with polar solvents and penetrants. They are used to colour aniline and nubuck leathers and to refinish the effects of the leather with acrylic, cellulose nitrate, polyurethane and casein binder resins.

The key features are: low viscosity, intensive hue, high colour uniformity, high rates of transparency and brilliance, good fastness to light, to migration into PVC and good resistance to spotting by water droplets. They are easy to apply and the high miscibility between them allows obtaining a large spectrum of hues. All ADL compounds can be applied into both water and solvent systems and show a good compatibility with vehicles and thinners normally used in the leather finishing


MTL are high concentration dyes, without NMP ( N-Methyl pyrrolidone), not flammable, with low viscosity and provide for very intense tonality. They are characterized by a high stability to light, high fastness to water drop and the possible dilution with alcohol, acetate, glycols, ketones, water (3°f) and mixes of water/alcohol, water/glycol. They are easy to use and completely miscible each other in order to obtain a vast range of tones.


LGW are water based concentrated metal complex dyes with very high brilliance, fastness to light and to migration into PVC. LGW are characterized by high concentration and miscibility with each other in all proportion; moreover, they allow you to obtain high colour uniformity thanks to their high penetration and leveling. They are particularly suggested for dipping system and together with a wide range of water bases fixing agent and binders.