Adler srl is a chemical company that has been operating since 1974. We specialize in wood stains for interior furnishings and liquid dyes for leather finishing.


Adler srl was established in 1974 having its core business in the processing of primary raw materials into pastes and liquid concentrates right through to ready-for-use stains, tint basis, and binders for the wood coating industry.

Adler is a dynamic and vibrant company led by a young and enthusiastic management and technical team which prides itself on being the forerunner in its industry.


Adler’s product range comprises of over 12.000 different product codes which are formulated according to our clients’ specifications and requirements and therefore provides our clients with solutions to meet their unique needs.
Adler recognises the need to be up to date with the latest developments in the industry and therefore we continuously conduct research to identify and satisfy any technical changes and to re-design our marketing strategies to align with such changes. We always aim to increase customer satisfaction with constant improvement of our products and production processes


To ensure that we deliver only the highest quality of products to our clients, Adler performs strict selection and monitoring of all incoming raw materials and stringent outgoing product quality checks both of which are facilitated by our comprehensive laboratory and dedicated staff.