PCE concentrated pastes are pigment dispersions selected for their transparency, brilliance and high resistance to light. These pastes can be easily diluted in the solvent most commonly used in formulating stains for wood: glycols, glycol ethers, acetates, alcohols, ketones. By mixing PCE pastes with appropriate binding agents and solvents it is possible to obtain: antiquing patinas, roller stains, spray stains and wiping stains of a high quality providing transparency, brilliance and good pore marking properties without altering the natural features of the wood.


PCU Series are concentrated multipurpose pastes suitable for the formulation of solvent-based stains for wood. Thanks to their high light fastness, they are suitable to be used for outdoor furniture. All the PCU pastes can be mixed in all proportions allow obtaining many shades and tonalities, as well as many different effects on wood (transparent, semi-matt, and pastel). PCU pastes can be easily diluted in the solvents most commonly used for the formulation of stains, such as aromatics, acetates, glycol ethers and ketones; even if PCU pastes are not compatible with alcohols and white spirit, they still allow using a limited percentage of them into the solvent blend. PCU pastes are extremely versatile products. When properly diluted and mixed with appropriate binders, they allow obtaining: spray stains, spray and wipe stains, roller stains and even antiquing patinas to rag/to brush. Moreover, they can also be used to shade solvent-based top coats (acrylic, PU, nitro).


CCS are metal-complex colourant solutions for solvent-based stains. The main characteristics are high concentration and low viscosity, combining the practicality of a liquid solution with the advantage of a reduced formulating time, allowing the most suitable solvent or component to be chosen for the application.


TMS is a glaze stain to spray and wipe. The product contains dyes, transparent pigment and inorganic pigment (light fastness 7/8). The TMS series is suitable for all types of wood, also for the softest and most problematic essences; the main features are the excellent uniformity, the brilliance of colour, and good wetting of the wood. They must be diluted 1:1 (100%) with nitro thinner.


Binders are additives that give a specific property to the stain according to the desired application and final result.