We produce and sell a wide range of patinas that give special aesthetic effects to wood.

Patinas are suitable to reproduce, in just a few steps, those ageing effects that only time and weather can confer and thus making unique.

Also, we reproduce the effects of precious metals on wood such as our gold leaf, and silver leaf products.

We believe in the continuous improvement of products, production processes, and service, and for this reason, we have developed products such as oxidized iron effect, oxidized copper effect and iron/copper combined but also effects like frost and interference effect increasing in vogue today.


Our products grant the appearance of natural oxidation of iron and copper, giving at the same time texture to all those furnishing materials that by nature cannot get oxidize.


Our metallic patinas give an ageing effect, characterized by a good light resistance and they are easy to be scrubbed.
They are generally diluted with acetone or alcohols, it depends on the way to apply, or the final effect or to augment the transparency.

These products are spray stains.
After a drying time of 10-15 minutes, they have to be scrubbed with scotch-brite leaving traces only on the corners and pore parts without big amounts of product. These products are mixable with PRV base colors allowing the achieving of a lot of shades of metallic effects.

Special effect

They comprehend our products like gold and silver leaf, usually implied in the paint of particular artifacts, but also in modern styles where you want to apply a metallic effect.

They have to be diluted and applied by spraying directly on wood or pigmented surfaces, acrylic and nitro.

Special effect stains can be catalyzed with 5% of isocyanic catalyst and overcoated; anyway, if mechanical resistance is required, overcoat with an acrylic topcoat.

Since the PRA range includes different stains family, please refer to specific TDS for each product.

Our light interference stains are usually applied by spraying on the RAL1015 base coat, in order to give bright shades of blue or green for the wooden furniture decoration.